Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two more bodies take to the air!

Virginia-based fitness & figure model MARK JOSEPH will likely be working with TCM clients in PA, NJ and maybe NYC over the next 60 days. . . and, schedule permitting, might just hop a flight to the West Coast for a few more appearances.

KASH FERNANDO (some serious exotic muscle now based in Boston) is fit and lean for whatever presents itself.

Anybody wanting to be a part of still flexible schedules on either of these guys should make a call to TCM casting directors soonest! 800.684-2872.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Around the end of April, Chicago-based fitness, physique and figure model ALEXANDER WILLIAM will travel to the New York City Area for an active wear catalog shoot. . . and probably a few more assignments with TCM client photographers while he's there.

Anyone interested in being a part of this popular model's schedule is invited to call toll free 800.684-2872 to discuss arrangements.

Thursday, March 05, 2009



Matt Shiermeier (St. Louis) is likely to include California, New York and maybe Florida in his travels over the next couple of months.

Pat Christy (Washington DC) can easily get to the Philly, Pitt and NYC Areas and keeps himself really close to optimum "shoot shape" literally all the time!

Vic Rocco (Columbus, Ohio) gets to both U. S. Coasts fairly often and maintains those fabulous cuts in the quads 'n calves 24/7 year round!

The incredible Alan Valdez (Mexico City & Hermosillo, Sonora MEXICO) is in the air and on the rails almost constantly. Miami, Atlanta, L. A. New York and San Francisco will all see this outstanding talent at least once as Spring '09 approaches!

Morgen Arild, aka "Red Morgen" he of the flaming red hair (Minneapolis, Minnesota) is once again on track for a "lean and mean," truly shredded series of shoots most likely to include California, New York and Texas.

Sean-Patrick (Omaha, Nebraska) looks to be heading to the Greater New York City Area in late March. But while he's at his best, why not Florida and California, too?

If you'd like to get any of these guys on your schedule, just let us know. Erron or Bob at 858.384-3114